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Mitesh Waghela
I studied in Sanskar Vidya Vihar and did B.A. (Economics) from MSU in 1993. I lived in Nizampura. I am now in Auckland, New Zealand, and have my own courier business. Mitesh Waghela (May 1, 2006)

I"m in a much better place mentally than I was this time last year and honestly I"m so grateful for all my friends and the people who helped me through.

Please just looking through your tweets, you seem so fucking funnyAnd you’re hella pretty so like I can’t relate wHiP. You completed the mutual and please I need some friends, so slide in my DM’s all my mutuals busy so like wOw.

When you scroll through to see what your friends are doing on the reg

I miss all my friends from the Sonic community /3. I need to get on discord more because you guys got me through a lot of long nights.

It does! I wanna help people but then you have so many friends to scroll through.

This is why we’re friends bc no one else will argue with me through gifs

The most interesting stuff from the MU Online world! Video reviews an in-depth analysis of new features on our servers. Let’s plays, game commentaries and st.

Imagine growing up in the hood, where everyone"s selling/ abusing drugs, teachers don"t care for you, parents been through it so they given up, and your friends, well they come and go. Just imagine the pain and emotion. You didn"t make this world, what you see isn"t your fault.

It’s traumatizing have friends who live in places with low cell reception and their iMessages randomly go through as texts like what is this green puke all on my beautiful white and blue wall?!

HUGE S/O to friends who send you the notes bc you slept through lecture

Anytime ma’am I go through my bouts of depression I have friends that’s been having a really rough go of it the last year so I know exactly how you feel.