Topics: What is our Vedic Matchmaking astrology? ?

In life we often get attracted towards many people and start a relationship with them but after few days we find that we are not compatible with each other. So in the classic age our parents would consult the horoscopes matching to find out the compatibility level for marriage. But in modern time everybody ignores horoscope matching and get into the relationship very quickly. In modern time there are different types of compatibility test. Some are consulting the numerology compatibility test and some are consulting the name compatibility test.

Have you ever wondered how this name meanings work together to find out the compatibility? Sometimes you often ask yourself “what is the meaning of my name” or how will be the name matching for marriage with my partner? Basically this name compatibility is a method to see the name meanings and also helps you to provide the compatibility between you and your partner with the help of the meaning of names.

In order to find out your name compatibility with your crush you need to put the full names of yourself and of your crush. With the help of this name compatibility test you can find the “definition of names” and “stability level” of relationship according to names and numbers.

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