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Settlers of this area that now encompasses Colorado's Gold Belt Tour Scenic Byway had written “Pikes Peak or Bust” on the side of their wagons — a sign of their optimism for gold and the desperation they felt after crossing America’s frontier. What a handful of them found in Cripple Creek , Victor and the hills surrounding these two towns ended up being Colorado’s biggest gold payload.

• Start your tour of the Gold Belt in Florissant, and head south on County Road 1 into the  Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument. Preserved in this wild landscape are fossils from an ancient ecosystem dating back 34 million years ago. Petrified redwoods, fossilized palms and images of strange insects etched in stone enthrall nearly 65,000 visitors a year.

• Beyond the national monument, County Road 1 leads you to Cripple Creek — one of Colorado’s gaming destinations  — and Victor. Both Cripple Creek and Victor lie in a belt of heavy mining activity. At one time, it was regarded as the most productive gold-mining area in the world. Today, you can enjoy tours of old mines, as well as view active operations.

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PAC 12 refs are so bad, when you watch an SEC game same time as PAC 12, it becomes even more obvious, SEC let"s players play so much more

Focus on what is working for you rather than what is not. Negativity cannot be fed without your attention; do you and train yourself to go harder, as there are an abundance of rewards waiting for you.

And an extra special shout out to all the families of those serving/those who have served. Y"all are another level of inspiration and today is for you too.

If you won you should have gotten an email reply from them by now. Glad to have you on board tho. You should check it out the official discord. The devs are on during the week and they are a blast to talk to

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Wait! So does that mean if I need to randomize I need 3 dimensions? I’m getting lost because I need to print either a 0 or an M for my game but there are just 2 M’s they have to be random which means 3 dimensions or 2?