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Ibn Nasr , the founder of the Nasrid Dynasty , was forced to flee to Jaén to avoid persecution by King Ferdinand III of Castile and the Reconquista supporters working to end Spain's Moorish rule. After retreating to Granada, Ibn-Nasr took up residence at the Palace of Badis ben Habus in the Alhambra. A few months later, he embarked on the construction of a new Alhambra fit for the residence of a sultan. According to an Arabic manuscript since published as the Anónimo de Granada y Copenhague ,

This year, 1238 Abdallah ibn al-Ahmar climbed to the place called "the Alhambra" inspected it, laid out the foundations of a castle and left someone in charge of its construction.

The last Nasrid sultan Muhammad XII of Granada surrendered the Emirate of Granada in 1492 without the Alhambra itself being attacked when the forces of the Reyes Católicos , King Ferdinand II of Aragon and Queen Isabella I of Castile , took the surrounding territory with a force of overwhelming numbers.

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There is no historical record of Muhammed dating back in history"s lineage to Ishmael from the Bible. Therefore, Allah is not a God.

A true original dating back to 1775 in.

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Tomb of Aymon de Sarraz in La Sarraz, Switzerland, dating 1369