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Bitcoin Generator - Earn 0.2 - 1 Bitcoin - Duur: 1:41.

Bitcoin Generator - Earn 0.2 - 1 Bitcoin - Duur: 1:41.

They Lied to You - Family, Extended Relatives - Duur: 15:36.

Good. They had their chance and blew it. and

Departures could exacerbate vacancy rates in already understaffed serviceIncreasing numbers of European Union-trained ambulance staff are quitting the NHS, raising fears of a Brexit drain from the 999 service just as concern over slow response times grows.There are fears the departures could exacerbate high vacancy rates in ambulance services in England, which are already one of the most understaffed areas of NHS care. Continue reading.

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Being transgender doesn’t make you a predator. It makes you transgender. Public bathrooms aren’t locked. A 30 year old man or woman who is an actual predator can go in anyway. She is no less or more safe if a transgender person can go into the bathroom they identify with.

Today in 1850, Charlotte Ray was the first female African-American lawyer and the first woman admitted to the bar in Washington D.C.

Czech president criticised for far-right tendencies and warm relations with Russia and China gets 42.9% of votes but final victory far from certainThe Czech president, Miloš Zeman, led the first round of the Czech Republic’s presidential election on Saturday by a wide margin but short of winning outright, partial results have showed.Eight candidates are seeking to oust Zeman, whose inclination toward far-right groups and cosy relations with Russia and China have split public opinion. Continue reading.