Topics: How can you make one of your ( Webs ) Website members a admin with you ?

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As a gay vet, I canceled my subscription to honor the lives of our service members this piece of garbage put at risk.

Its fucking disgusting how many band members are nonces, and its disgusting how many bands aren’t kicking out those band members. Who the fuck wants to go see a band live with a nonce in their band? Kick the cunts out man!!

If members vote in favour of the Co-op deal today ( which I"m hearing they might have ) I win a fiver off "s Matthew Lynas.

Любой человек, когда-либо ставивший капканы на животных, знает, что для успешной работы капкана, необходимы две вещи: во-первых, капкан должен быть спрятан, в расчете на то, что животное не заметит его, и, во-вторых, в нем должна быть приманка, заманивающая животное в его смертоносные челюсти.

Сатана, враг душ наших, расставляя свои самые обольстительные и смертоносные капканы, использует обе эти уловки. Его капканы спрятаны, но приманка находится на виду.

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What a tremendous TV programme that was last night. Having had two family members fall foul of this terrible illness ( not football related ) this was a great insight. Great work.

For how much longer can this farce, this patomine, continue with an absolute clown as FS , cabinet members who are totally inept and a PM who is, in the eyes of global politicians and observers, hell bent on sinking our once proud country? No, it"s a tragedy.

I’d be happy to have a conversation on the role of insurance should any members need any advice.

The Blackshore event times have been changed. I can now never make an event as they changed to be later. This will not only effect me but many British blackshore members, if you guys could make only 1 event a bit earlier that"d be very beneficial to some, thanks!