Topics: Austria: Next chancellor a 31-year-old conservative, early.

Spurned lover burns 21-yr-old Chennai engineer alive, family suffers injuries Tue, Nov 14 2017 08:36:41 PM

When the liberal and conservative political bubbles clash online over the issues of anti-black racism several tropes are bound be texted, memed or gifed. The King Kong Aint Got Nothin’ On Me of these troublesome tropes is: “the democrat party started the KKK” followed closely by “The GOP freed the slaves (you ungrateful, uppity, negra.)” […]

Really feel for Lukaku. He"s been brilliant tonight and really let down by others. Shocking performance from Rashford. Decision making has been terrible.

I agree Chris-a shocking challenge

Absolutely shocking from Smalling. Already awful as it is, but to cost the club the three points because you’re selfish just us beyond me. Should be sold already.

Ref is a shocking. Leicester down to 10 and Man Utd up to 12 as usual.

In a major setback to the RJD, a special CBI court today convicted former Bihar chief minister Lalu Prasad and 15 others in a fodder scam case 21 years after it had surfaced.

Facebook is slowly becoming the next best platform to watch shows and docu-series. And one of the shows featured is called Will You Marry Me? Developed by Black wedding photographer Milton Lawrence Jr., the docuseries interviews engaged and married Black men about the moments that lead to them popping the question. In its first episode […]

Just shocking and terrible

Had it not been for James Harrison, the Steelers would not have won Super Bowl 43, so to see the Steelers cut him loose like this is pretty shocking. And I’m a Patriots fan, the team with no sentimentality when it comes to veteran players.

Utterly brilliant, hillarious, clever and shocking.

Though safely entombed in a crypt deep beneath the unforgiving desert, an ancient queen whose destiny was unjustly taken from […]

Songs We Love is a series and a podcast that looks at the stories behind some of the songs we're playing on our new music discovery stream, WUNC Music. On this special holiday episode, Eric Hodge chats with Robert Earl Keen about his classic song 'Merry Christmas From The Family.' Keen says he wrote the song simply to amuse himself, but when he started playing it around for friends he knew he had something. Listen to the episode here:

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Spurned lover burns 21-yr-old Chennai engineer alive, family suffers injuries Tue, Nov 14 2017 08:36:41 PM

United had 4 or 5 goals easy on this game. Terrible finishing. Shocking defending at the other end.

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Shocking performance.

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14 month old IPhone can"t be fixed so daughter quoted £270 as you tell her it has to be replaced. The phone wasn"t dropped, just stopped working after one of your software updates! Wow! Such an expensive product and only lasts just past the 12 month warranty! Shocking.