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Answers to the question, I Am A 20 Year Old Woman Is It Wrong For Me To Be Dating A 28 Year Old Man? Answers to Questions from People Who Know at Ask Experience Project.

Alsooooo next week me and my baby will be dating for one whole year on Thursday ahhhhh

Im sorry, but if you"re that old and still dating 17 year olds you"re a loser lol.

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True. NVM this lawsuit, what about all the upcoming class actions when his history of dating lolis posing as 29 year olds comes out?

Update mom giving dating advice after one year of literally neglecting her son

Guys me and jp have been dating for like a year now and he just asked me to be his girlfriend again like I"m not already his gf

Blows my fuckin mind when people on tv get engaged after dating less than a year. ARE YOU PEOPLE INSANE ?????

When someone is ready to throw almost a year of dating you away for a stupid job, you know you ain"t shit to them