Topics: Army Question- After leaving AIT if your report date is over a month later can you report earlier?

You may be making a HUGE mistake right now that makes it impossible for your ex boyfriend to ever come back to you unless you make a MAJOR change.

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I forgot HB does live shows Wednesday night. and I will be live soon as well. Hmm. Oh well

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You may be making a HUGE mistake right now that makes it impossible for your ex boyfriend to ever come back to you unless you make a MAJOR change.

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I love decorating with owls and I use a lot of bell jars to store stuff in my kitchen. I ordered 77oz and 53oz versions of this great owl jar from Amazon! There is also a 40z jar, but I haven't gone there yet.

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat today said he looks forward to the reaction to the budget by new Nationalist Party leader Adrian Delia to see whether the Opposition has really started a new chapter. Asked whether he believes that Delia is different from former leader Simon Busuttil, Muscat said that he certainly hopes so in the best interest of the country. Muscat said that Delia should detach himself from the negativity of his predecessor, but only time will tell whether this will really be so. The ball is in his court, Muscat said while visiting Freshers’ Week at MCAST.  

The president and first lady visited Nevada after Trump was repeatedly criticized for making inappropriate comments in the wake of several national tragediesDonald Trump used a politically delicate visit to Las Vegas in the wake of the deadliest mass shootings of modern times to praise the courage of victims and police on Wednesday, but flatly refused to engage in a wider discussion about gun violence. Related: Las Vegas shooter recalled as intelligent gambler well-versed on gun rights Continue reading.

This is an overhaul for The Last Days mod of M&B Warband, which i'm working on in order to make it look more like the Peter Jackson's trilogies. Changes will be applied mainly to armor, weapons, sounds, interface, music and something else.

Work going very slowly for some reasons:
1) I don't have much free time;
2) I work carefully and I'm very attentive to details
Considering this, sorry if i will not post something for pretty long time.

Page devoted to the efficient implementation of the Warhammer 40,000-based MoW modification
Space Marines with tough armor, Plasma rifles do burn holes in enemy armor, the laser guns really shoot lasers, etc., etc.
Undertook the development as we was very disappointed with the mod on this topic to MoW.
The mod is a non-profit project , free distribution, do not fall for tricks fraudsters and rrport any of them to Moddb Staff.
Mod under Development.

Страница посвящена адекватной Реализации вселенной Warhammer 40 000 на основе MoW
Космодесантники с настоящей бронёй, Плазменные винтовки действительно проплавляющие дыры в броне врага, лазерные пушки действительно стреляющие лазером и т.д. и т.п.
Взялись за разработку так как был очень разочарован модами по этой тематике на MoW.
Мод является некоммерческим проектом , распространение бесплатно, не попадайтесь на уловки мошенников.
Мод на стадии Разработки.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS PLEASE READ THIS AGREEMENT CAREFULLY BEFORE ACCEPTING IT. After you click on ‘Pay and Play’, ‘I Agree’ or a similar button, or when you.

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