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This t-shirt was made over at and, while completely unofficial, does make a stab at 33 rules of Zombieland.

It’s been quite a while since there’s been any new news about Zombieland but with the Zombieland DVD available to buy tomorrow, we get a look at the deleted scenes and Rule #2 The Ziploc Bag.

Unfortunately it seems to be a rule that was made up on and they never explained it was made-up (it’s in italics to signify it was ‘official’), but I could be wrong.

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Trade confirmations are the final step in the trade process where you verify trades before they are completed. Market confirmations are the same as trade confirmations, the final step in the process of listing an item on the Market that ensures your items cannot be listed or sold without your approval. If you re using a Mobile Authenticator through the Steam Mobile App on your smartphone, you ll receive confirmations via the app, otherwise you ll receive them by email.

When you send a trade offer, accept a trade, or create a Market listing you ll need to confirm that action through email or the mobile app before it will be sent or posted. If you don t confirm it, the trade will not be made (or the Market listing will not be posted.)